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Section 1: About Us


Scorpion is a coating that we call XO2.  This is our base product and is what you spray.  In exact terms XO2 is an acrylic-reinforced aliphatic, aromatic polyurethane protective coating system.  This is why we just call it XO2.

Basically it is a chemically engineered coating that uses the best characteristics of polyurethane for strength and our patented acrylics blend for UV stability and ease of application. 

Scorpion XO2 is applied using simple, cost effective equipment which only requires a compressor capable of supplying 17.5 cfm or more at 90 PSI.  We typically recommend a two-stage, 7.5 HP, 220 volt compressor with an 80 gallon storage tank.  Pre-application preparation is completed using paper/plastic sheets to protect areas from possible overspay, 2" automotive masking tape, and a nylon bristle cup brush.