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Section 2: Sales Information and Cost Breakdown


Scorpion products can be purchased a couple of different ways.  We are currently establishing regional distributors across the US to service our customers better by reducing transit times as well as shipping costs.  If you have a distributor in your area or bought a start-up through a regional distributor, you will simply place your orders through them.  You always have the right and ability to buy directly from Scorpion Corporate here, in west central Indiana. 

We currently have 9 regional locations that are servicing customers and are goal is to have complete coverage as soon as possible. 

If you purchased your start-up package directly from Scorpion Corporate and you have a distributor in your area, we will refer any future orders through the distributor.  You will receive all contact and support information for your nearest location. 

The order process is simple and straightforward.  Most orders are taken over the phone while other customers like to use the dealer order form from the website under the dealer section.  Click here to apply for a login and password.  The shopping cart online uses a different set of login/password than the dealer login.  It is your email and a password of your choice. 

Now that you know how to order, you probably want to know more about pricing/costs and material coverage.  The next few pages will answer those questions.