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Section 2: Sales Information and Cost Breakdown


Scorpion does not set pricing per location as pricing varies from different geographic locations.  However, how much you charge depends on how much our products cost you.

How much it costs you will depend on a couple factors.  Such factors are: 

One of your pricing factors will come from application volume.  This is the amount of material you will order.  If you deal with truck bed liner applications, you need to ask yourself if you are the 20 trucks per year shop or are you the 200 trucks per year shop?  A lot of this depends on your location and how well you market in your area.  For more information on how to market your business, consult the Scorpion Marketing Guide.  For commercial/industrial applicators you will need to know square footage to figure volume quantities.  

You may not have a good idea about how much volume you are going to do.  As shown in the kits section, we offer our products in several size packages from 1 gallon kits to 99 gallon kits and beyond.  As you go up in volume, the price per gallon drops.  The more volume you do, the more money you profit on each application. 

When talking about shipping, we use various shipping vendors such as UPS and Fed Ex for ground and many different carriers for freight.  We negotiate with these various shipping vendors to get you the lowest possible costs for shipping.  We are currently establishing new regional distributors in locations around the U.S. to help bring those costs down.  If you have a distributor in your state or region, your shipping costs may be very little to none (for distributors that have local delivery).