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Section 6: Techniques



With Scorpion, you can spray any texture you want.  It just takes a little practice and know how.  If you have reviewed the application usage chapter, you will notice that there is a portion of your last batch used to overspray the entire surface area.  This is what we call a texture pass. 

The XO2 material starts to set up as soon as it is sprayed.  By the time you mix your last batch, XO2 is rigid enough to support a texture layer over the top of itself.  This top layer can be applied differently by adjusting application variables (pressure, distance, trigger amount, etc).  You can even adjust the material mixture to obtain a flat, glass smooth texture. 

The two basic textures you will spray are "tight" textures and "loose" textures.  Then we will cover smooth textures and granule additive applications.