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Section 5: Cleanup



You sprayed your first application and your customer loves it, paid for it and is referring your business to their friends and family.  Now you are left with a dirty gun.  If you followed direction during the application process, you sprayed LMR into your hopper and gun chamber.  Let your gun sit until the material hardens inside.  Once it hardens it will peel right out. 

The LMR acts as a barrier between the plastic and the material.  This is very similar to when you use a non-stick spray when cooking so food doesn’t stick to the pan. 

Release the clamp on the hopper and remove the hopper.  Next you need to remove all of the screws from the gun.  Pull the gun apart and pull out the hardened material.  From time to time you may want to put a lubricant on the shaft inside the gun as it may get stiff from prolonged use.  Reattach the hopper and you are ready to spray another round of XO2.  

NOTE:  It can take 2-4 hours for the chemical to harden enough inside the gun and hopper to clean it.  If you anticipate doing multiple jobs in a single day, you may consider purchasing more than 1 gun.