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Section 5: Cleanup



If you remember in the last chapter, you began your prep work with establishing tape lines.  If you followed the instructions, you placed tabs at the start of your tape lines.  As soon as you finish an application, peel away the paint protection materials from your primary tape lines. 

Once the paint protection materials have been removed, peel the primary tape lines at a 45° angle into the finished material.  This “cuts” a nice crisp line into the XO2.  Peel away all protection materials at this time. 

If you accidentally get some XO2 smudges on the painted surface of the truck (or if you didn’t do a proper job protecting the non-target area) simply use a soft, clean towel or rag with some denatured alcohol to clean.  You want to use something that will not scratch your customers paint.  Keeping your customer happy is your number one priority. 

We recommend not reusing paint protection material.