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Section 6: Techniques



Vinyl Flattener is an additive used to bring XO2 from a high gloss finish to a semi-gloss finish.  An added benefit of Vinyl Flattener is when added to XO2 it increases the shore hardness (makes the material harder).  Vinyl Flattener can be applied as a standard application but can also be applied as a topcoat as well.

Mixing Vinyl Flattener is easy.  Simply mix 1 part Vinyl Flattener that is equal to either the B or C components according to the batch size. 


Let's spray a large batch of XO2 with the Vinyl Flattener in black.  Make a large black batch like normal - 1 quart B, 1 quart C, 1/2 cup Black Tint, 2.5 quarts A.  Add in 1 quart Vinyl Flattener and mix for no more than 1 minute.  You're ready to spray a vinyl flattener application.  The application is exactly the same as an XO2 application.   

NOTE:  Vinyl Flattener does make the material thicker.  Do not add more than 1 part Vinyl Flattener to a batch.  Also reduce the amount if you are using aggregates such as Gripper Granules or Rubber Crumb.