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URS60 - Ultra Resin Sand

Ultra 60, a 6000 grit resin sand that provides incredible non-slip properties without the high profile texture of Rubber Crumb and Gripper. Ultra 60 allows you to develop a high coefficient to slip with a much more friendly finish for pool decks, patios, boat decks and anywhere the material may be exposed to bare feet and contact by animals.

Ultra 60 mixes directly into X-02 just like Rubber Crumb but does not produce the lumpy texture you see with the .5 to 1.5 mil granules used for rubber crumb. High traffic areas such as piers, pool decks, boat decks or any area that you need an easy to clean surface with little profile but very effective non-slip properties Ultra 60 is the solutions to your needs.

Available in Quarts, Gallons and Five Gallon Pails, contact your Scorpion Representative for details.