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Section 4: Application

Application of Scorpion XO2


The next step is to secure paint protection material such as masking paper or automotive paint overspray plastic to your primary tape lines.  Simply stretch out the paper or plastic along your tapes lines and then secure them to the tape lines with 2” masking tape.  This makes for easy removal. 

You must also cover the cab with plastic and secure it down with tape to protect the cab from possible overspray.  Drape the plastic over the entire cab (even between the cab and bed) and secure it by running 2" tape along the back of the cab from side to side.  This will prevent the plastic from blowing into your freshly coated application.

If you are spraying rocker panels or wheel wells you must also protect the wheels and body from possible overspray. 

Protect anything you do not want sprayed and secure it with tape.  Protecting non-target areas from overspray is cheaper and uses less time than cleaning up overspray.

The video below will cover both paint protection and taping.