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Section 6: Techniques



Applications can be sprayed with an extremely aggressive texture to glass smooth and everything in between.  This section will cover smooth texture applications.  This requires adjusting both the XO2 mixture as well as the application technique.

Adjusting XO2 for Smooth Textures

When applying a smooth texture, you need to adjust the ratio of XO2.  The only component you have to adjust is the C component.  The C component is what gives Scorpion texture and the ability to hang vertically on a surface.  If you remove the C component completely, you would have a runny application (no vertical hang) and little to no texture.  By removing some of the C side, your application will lay down smooth on flat surfaces.  If you are spraying this type of application on a vertical surface you will have to make lighter passes so it will not run as the material sprays more like a thick paint.  Other than that, the application process is the same.....prep, mix, spray.

How Much C Component Do You Take Out?

A 1/4 to 1/2 reduction is the most you will want to remove from the mix.  You may want to mix a micro batch and test a small application to see which texture is right for your application.  For more information on this technique, contact Scorpion Tech Support.