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Section 4: Application


Now that you know how to mix a batch of Scorpion XO2, we need to apply it to a prepped surface.  To spray an application of Scorpion, we use the Scorpion Spray Gun. 

The hopper of the spray gun holds your mixed batches as you spray.  Before you put any batches in your hopper, spray your supplied LMR inside the hopper and gun chamber.  This will help immensely during cleanup.  Once a batch is mixed it is poured into the hopper and the applicator can then begin spraying Scorpion. 

For beginners we suggest holding the gun 18 inches away from your target.  Slowly pull the trigger back until the gun starts to spray.  Do not fully trigger the gun.  Once you begin to spray, move the gun by moving your arm, not with your wrist.  Stay at a 90° angle from the target area.  We tell our applicators to outline an area and then fill in the middle as a good rule.  Be careful not to overlap too much as Scorpion is a high-build coating.  You don’t want too much material in one spot.  Spray until you reach the desired thickness and move to the next area.  When you run out of material you need to mix more material.  Although not required, it helps if you have a mixing partner that will have another batch ready for you when you are ready for more.  This will speed up the application process and keep you from hitting your pot life.

More information about the Application of Scorpion: