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Section 7: Technical Data



Product Description

XO2 is a three component acrylic-reinforced aliphatic, aromatic polyurethane protective coating system. The product has high tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistance, superior elongation, high non-skid rating, and excellent UV stability and weathering characteristics. It establishes solid adhesion to various substrates and can be applied to horizontal, vertical, overhead and irregular shaped surfaces by properly trained and licensed applicators.

Application & Equipment

XO2 should be applied by factory trained personnel only. Standard application equipment is a factory authorized spray gun. When using as filler, XO2/FR may be applied with a trowel, putty knife or squeegee.  Apply in good weather when air and surface temperature are above 50° F and surface temperature is at least 5°F above the dew point. For optimum application properties, material should be between 50°F to 100°F prior to mixing and application. Maintain unmixed material in closed containers in protected storage at 40°F to 100°F.


Standard mixing ratio of 2.5:1:1 by volume (2.5 part A to 1 part C to 1 part B plus color/tint). Licensed applicators shall refer to the factory authorized shop manual for specific color applications. 

To facilitate mixing and application, store this product in a warm place (40°F minimum). Mix in the ratio as shown in the factory manual and/or as shown on color/tint containers. Shake A & B components thoroughly before combining. Mix combined components thoroughly (2-3 minutes) with a high-speed, non-explosive drill. Mixed material is ready for immediate use.

Reduction: None recommended.

Pot Life

Mixed material should be applied within 20 minutes. Elevated temperatures will reduce pot life. Do not attempt to apply material which has become too thick. It must be discarded. Mix only enough material for use within expected pot life.  Pot life time may vary with environmental or climactic conditions.


To Tack Free: 30-60 minutes. To Recoat: 6-10 hours depending on conditions. Maximum Recoat: one week. Immersion: 5-7 days minimum. Recommended maximum recoat time is one week. If recoating thereafter, inspect and remove surface contaminants. Apply representative test patches to confirm adhesion. High pressure detergent wash, surface abrading and/or priming may be necessary.
Ensure forced ventilation of any confined space during application and curing of this coating to ensure complete solvent release.

XO2 curing based at 70°F, 50% relative humidity.

Colors and Finishes

Several standard color tints are offered by the manufacturer. Custom color can be accomplished by paint code number matched to a factory tint code. Use pure tint only.

Surface finish will vary from an orange peel texture to a very smooth texture with a semi-gloss finish. Aggregates (Rubber Crumb or Gripper Granules) may be added to the final mix for a more aggressive finished surface.

Surface Preparation

Good surface preparation is essential to a satisfactory coating system. Surfaces to be coated shall be clean and dry to the touch. Remove all oil, grease, mildew or other contamination by detergent cleaning, solvent or other effective means. The licensed applicator shall refer to the factory manual to determine the substrate preparation method for the type of surface to be coated.

Surface preparation will vary by substrate. Acceptable substrates are aluminum, ceramic tile, concrete, fiberglass, metal and wood. Contact Scorpion Tech Support for other substrates to be considered. Abrade smooth, glossy surfaces. Use the Scorpion Prime Bond Cleaner system as needed. Apply a test patch to confirm adhesion and compatibility.


Solids Content (+/- 2%): 95% by weight  -  90% by volume
Number of Coats: Most surfaces will only require one coat. Certain applications may require several coats depending on final thickness and finish desired. 62-250 mils may be applied per coat depending on application.
Coverage (theoretical): 18-22 ft2 per gallon @ 62 mils or 1/16th inch.

Storage and Handling

Material must be stored and handled in compliance with all current and local regulations. Refer to the current MSDS for the latest safety and health information. Keep in cool, dry protected storage, well ventilated, between 45°F - 95°F and out of direct sunlight. Maintain unmixed material in sealed containers at all times.

Material has a shelf life of one year from date of manufacture if stored as indicated above, unopened in sealed containers. Ensure B and C components are consistent in appearance and viscosity after aggressive shaking and/or mixing.

Scorpion 8001 Adhesion Promoter has a shelf life of 3 months when stored as indicated above, unopened and in sealed containers.

All Scorpion tints and the Scorpion DTM Primer must also be stored as indicated above and have shelf lives of 6 months.

Read each components material safety data sheet (MSDS) before use. Safety precautions must be strictly followed during storage, handling and use.