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Section 4: Application

Application of Scorpion XO2


Tailgate Prep/Bed Bolt Prep

With the tailgate removed and on an elevated surface, repeat the previous steps.  Establish your primary tape lines around the tailgate.  Next tape on masking paper to your primary tape lines.

Bed/Tailgate Bolts

A common question that comes up with regards to prep involve the protection of bed bolts.  Some customers do not want them sprayed but others may want them sprayed over.  Ask your customer how they want you to handle bed bolts. 

If you need to protect them, we recommend using 3/4 inch masking tape to tape around the head of the bolt and then squeeze the ends closed.  When an application is finished, these can either be pulled off or cut off with a sharp razor. 

If are spraying over bed bolts, we recommend using a light layer of polyurethane caulk around the washer.  If using caulk, apply after the bed has been sanded and cleaned and before using 8001.  This makes for a smoother finish around bed bolts but is optional.