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Section 4: Application

Application of Scorpion XO2


There are times when you are working on a surface area that has holes or imperfections.  Scorpion by nature follows the surface of any application exactly so if there is a dent, hole, crack or any other imperfection underneath the application, it will show up.  Talk with your customer and explain this.  You can always charge more for fixing imperfections or the customer may not wish to fix them.  Let them decide.  Either way, here is how you can fix most surface imperfections before the application of XO2.

For small holes, dents and cracks, we recommend using polyurethane caulk.  Tubes are very inexpensive and can be picked up at your local hardware store.  We use polyurethane caulk simply because XO2 is a polyurethane based material. 

Apply the caulk to the imperfection and smooth out as much as possible.  This should be done after the bed or surface area has been sanded and cleaned, prior to the application of 8001. 

If you notice large holes, cracks or dents in the surface area, you can use body filler to fix these areas.  If you are using body filler, this should be applied before sanding.