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Section 4: Application

Application of Scorpion XO2


You have a clean, dry, scuffed surface area at this point.  Now you are ready to apply Scorpion 8001 Adhesion Promoter. 

What 8001 does is creates a chemical bond to the painted surface.  When XO2 is applied, it chemically bonds to the 8001.  This creates a permanent bond for the entire spray area.  This also prevents moisture from building up underneath the coating. 

Using the supplied mist sprayer, apply a light mist coat, roughly 7 oz per a 6’ truck bed.  Do not apply too heavy.  You do not want 8001 to puddle.  If you apply too much 8001 and it does puddle, dab with a dry cloth until excess is gone.  A thin pass of 8001 should be ready to coat within 15-30 minutes depending on temperature/humidity.  When you are done, clean out the mist sprayer by pumping some alcohol or thinner through it.  8001 must be tacky or dry before applying XO2 and cannot be exposed for more than 4 hours.  If left sitting for more than 4 hours, you must reapply 8001.

8001 is moisture cured so in low humidity days/areas, apply 8001 as normal and then mist over the 8001 with a spray bottle filled with water.  For more information about applying 8001, please contact Scorpion Tech Support.