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Section 4: Application

Application of Scorpion XO2


Before you can apply Scorpion XO2 to a surface you need to figure out exactly what you want sprayed and then you will know what you don’t.  The best way to begin protection is with tape lines.  Using ¾” masking tape, tape off where you want the coating to end.  Use long pieces of tape and make tabs at the end of each line for easy removal.  Basically what this does is outline the areas of the target area and gives you something to attach your paint protection materials to. 

If you are spraying a truck under the rails, simply tape the inside edges of the bed rail.  If you are spraying a truck bed over the rails, try to follow natural body lines on the bed as shown in the video below. 

Once you have established the primary tape lines, you then can proceed with a protection material such as paper or automotive paint overspray plastic.

The video for installing tape lines is included in the next page's video, Paint Protection.