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Section 4: Application

Application of Scorpion XO2


When starting an application of Scorpion XO2 the first thing you need to do is protect non-target areas from possible overspray.  As with any spray product, there are chances of overspray.  Protecting with paper or plastic is always quicker and cheaper than cleaning.  Paint protection materials such as paper or plastic masking is very inexpensive.  Most of them come in bulk rolls and can be obtained from your local paint supply or hardware store.  We will cover paint protection materials in just a bit.  Proceed in the order in this section to properly prep a surface for the application of Scorpion XO2. 

"Under the Rail" Bed Liner Applications

When applying Scorpion to a truck bed under the bed rails, the first task is to remove the tailgate and set it to the side on a raised surface.  We will come back to the tailgate later in this section but we first have to remove it.  Most tailgates have clips that release the tailgate cables from the bed and the entire tailgate can be removed by angling it out of the holding brackets. 

"Over the Rail" Bed Liner Applications

If you are spraying a truck bed liner over the bed rails then you will want to leave the tailgate on until you establish your primary tape lines.  Once you have established the primary tape lines around the bed you can then take the tailgate off and set it to the side.