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Section 6: Techniques



Another additive and special spray technique is the use of Metal Flake.  These are highly reflective flakes that come in several colors.  When applied with XO2, it makes for a very unique application. 

Metal Flake is added after the base coat of XO2 is sprayed on.  Spray your application as normal.  Do not remove the paint protection after the initial application.  Now you need to mix up a micro batch with no color and add in 2 tablespoons of metal flake.  Use small batches to mix and apply metal flake as it will be sprayed on as a texture pass. 

Pour you mixture into your hopper and gently pull back on the trigger and spray like a texture pass. 

For information on texture passes, review the texture sections.  You can adjust the amount of flake added to your mix to achieve different results.  Consult Scorpion Tech Support for more information.