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Section 5: Cleanup



You now have removed the paint protection materials and are ready to move the vehicle or sprayed surface out of your spray area.  The surface will start to harden up over a period of time depending on weather conditions and can be removed from the spray area to begin your next application when dry to the touch.  The tailgate can be placed back on the truck when the customer picks up their vehicle.  This gives some time for the tailgate to harden up so you can start handling it.

NOTE: Avoid exposing a new application to wet weather conditions or direct sunlight until the surface is dry to the touch.  Contact Scorpion Tech Support for more information.

Over the next 24-72 hours the surface will go through the majority of its curing process.  We tell our bed liner customers to leave the tailgate down overnight and they can start to use the bed after 24 hours for light duty use.  An example would be groceries, not a load of rock or lumber.  After 72 hours they can begin to use their bed normally.