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Section 4: Application



One of the great features about Scorpion is that you can make XO2 any color.  You are not limited to our 12 standard colors.  The possibilities are infinite.  The only thing you need to remember is that custom colors are mixed slightly different than Scorpion colors.  Scorpion’s standard colors (except for light gray and yellow) are twice as strong colors.  In order to use custom colors you will need to add twice the amount of custom color to the mix.  For example, you are mixing a large batch.  This requires 4 oz or ½ cup of Scorpion tint.  If you are using a custom color, you would need to add 8 oz or 1 cup.  You also want to make sure that you reach a thickness of 1/16th inch (62 mils) when spraying custom colors.  This will eliminate any "see through" effects.

NOTE 1:  You may use any automotive based pigment that does not include binders, hardeners, stabilizers, balancers or any additive of any kind.  You need pure pigment. 

NOTE 2:  Also it may take up to two full weeks for a color to turn.  Don’t panic.  You or your customer may start to get nervous when a red application sprays pink.  If you mixed it correctly, it will turn red just give it time.