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Section 4: Application


This outlines how much and where to use your batches on a 8 foot truck bed under the rails.  This information is also in your shop manual for quick reference.  For information regarding texture passes, refer to the section titled "Achieving Textures".  

Note: To spray a truck bed application over the rails, add an additional medium batch or half gallon.

1st Gallon - Spray the walls

2nd Gallon - Spray the bed floor.

3rd Gallon - Spray Tailgate and texture pass over entire spray area

Total XO2: 384 Ounces

Large Batch (4.5 Quarts Mixed XO2) - Spray the walls and start bed floor

Large Batch (4.5 Quarts Mixed XO2) - Spray the bed floor & tailgate

Medium Batch (4.5 Pints Mixed XO2) - Finish spraying the tailgate (if needed) and apply a texture pass over the entire spray area.

Total XO2: 360 Ounces

For high-abuse applications add more material.  How much can vary so consult Scorpion Tech Support for details.