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Section 8: General Policy Information



All credits and/or overpayments in your Scorpion account (only if ordering through Scorpion Corporate) can be reimbursed to you only through the provision of Scorpion products and/or materials.

Scorpion WILL NOT write checks or give direct refunds for any overpayments or credits on your Scorpion account, unless the cause of overpayment was through a direct clerical error on the behalf of Scorpion.

No interest will be accrued on any overpayment/credit that may be in your account.  No adjustments will be made to the account balance to maintain the value of the credit in your account (i.e. inflation).

Under the circumstance a Scorpion dealer/applicator sells their business  to another entity, no overpayments or credits can or will be transferred.

If a Scorpion dealer/applicator transfers ownership or goes out of business and has an overpayment and/or credit still in their account, the amount will become the property of Scorpion.