Scorpion newest division. Scorpion Window Film brings our knowledge and passion in protection products to the window film industry. Our tinted window film is made right here in the USA from the highest quality raw materials.

Automotive Tint Films

Scorpion Automotive Window Films are made in the USA with 2 layers of weatherable polyesters, UV absorbing compounds in both the mounting and laminating adhesive and deep dyed using 3rd generation technology. Scorpion window film is also finished with a durable scratch resistant coating.

Architectural Window Film

Scorpion Architectural Films are made with high-quality laminate constructions of deep-dyed and metalized polyesters. All are SR-Coated and UV-Protected in both the mounting adhesive and polyester for enhanced color stability, product longevity, and solar performance. We offer a wide range of Scorpion window film products for any climate or appearance.

Safety & Security Window Film

Protect your home and business with Scorpion Safety/Security Films. These window films are engineered to protect people and property from damage caused by vandalism, earthquakes and other natural disasters, terrorist activity and explosions. These window films include: Anti-Graffiti, Safety/Security Clear, Safety/Security Dyed, and our Solar/Security Reflective Series.

Privacy Films

Scorpion Privacy Films offer both commercial and residential customers privacy and styling options for their offices and homes. We have tinted window film available in both matte and zero-out styles.

Paint Protection Films

New high-performance 6 and 8 mil ultra-clear surface protection film is a highly conformable high-gloss, non-yellow urethane film. Protective window coating features a permanent adhesive with long-term removability.
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