Scorpion Aromatic Polyurea

Scorpion’s Aromatic is the workhorse of our Polyurea coatings product line. This polyurea hybrid formulation is 100% solids and contains zero VOCs. Scorpion Aromatic Polyurea offers performance and durability of a polyurea at the price of hybrid. With great tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and tack free time of 6 seconds, this is the perfect product for truck bed liner applications.

Scorpion HP High Impact

Scorpion HP High Impact is a 1:1, fast -set, polyurea hard coat. Polyurea coating systems contain 100% solids and zero VOCs. With high impact resistance, Scorpion HP High Impact is the industries leading protective hard coat for EPS foam structures and steel. These polyurea coating systems are offered in varying cure times to give the applicator to the ability to vary the finished texture from aggressive to smooth finish.

Scorpion HP Pure Pol


The OEM and Construction markets commonly use this formulation of polyurea coating. Developed for in the field application, the pure poly formula can be applied in humid environments and not have to worry about blistering.

Primary Applications

  • Secondary Containment
  • Waterproofing
  • Potable Water Containment
  • Work Trailer Coating
  • Off-Shore Platform Decks
  • Institutional Floor Coating

Scorpion Aromatic XL


Scorpion Aromatic XL is the strongest, toughest protective coating in the industry. These polyurea coating systems offer physical properties that are nearly triple other high quality polyureas. Typical applications over primed steel or concrete will offer excellent abuse protection while maintaining 800% elongation.

Common Applications

  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Primary Containment over Steel or Concrete
  • Work Trailer Coating
  • Inside Steel Salt-Water Knock Out Tanks
  • Inside Steel Oil and Fuel Tanks
  • Concrete Ocean Pilings

Scorpion FRP HC (Fire Retardant)

When meeting local fire code is a challenge, look no further than Scorpion FRP HC. This formulation is used to protect substrates with a char barrier. FRP HC is a 1:1 fast set that is 100% and contains zero VOCs. This product is for industrial use only and does require forced ventilation during application.

Scorpion 2265


Scorpion 2265 is designed for interior and exterior lining for large diameter transmission lines of potable water, waste water and raw water.

2265 is third party certified to meet or exceed the American Water Works Association C-222-08 Specification.

Scorpion IF (Roof Coating)

Scorpion IF is a 1:1 fast setting hybrid polyurea. IF is commonly applied to foam, woods, concrete, and steel for its excellent tensile, elongation and tear properties. IF polyurea coating systems are designed form industrial applications only and requires forced ventilation.

Scorpion 6075


Scorpion 6075 is the industries desired formulation with a low thickness application is required. For some applications, it is not possible to apply polyurea coatings at the normal 60-80 mil thickness. With 6075, a 30 mil layer of coating will provide excellent toughness and tear resistance.

Scorpion’s 6075 is commonly sprayed over foam, wood, concrete, and steel with a required primer.

Scorpion Aliphatic Top Coat (ATC)

Scorpion Aliphatic Top Coat is the preferred product with a color fast finish is a must.  While aromatic coatings offer excellent UV stability, some applications will require an extra layer of protection.  The ATC is an excellent way to provide a color fast finish with absorbing the inflated cost of aliphatic coatings