Scorpion BioSting

Scorpion BioSting is a specially designed polyaspartic coating that protects you from a broad spectrum of disease causing microbes.

Scorpion has been able to design a coating that is 99.99% effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungi and a variety of other microorganisms using multiple modes of action – keeping the microbes from adapting and developing resistance.

Scorpion BioSting was designed with you in mind, inhibiting a microbe’s metabolism and preventing reproduction. Deadly to them, but harmless to you.

BioSting’s cocktail of additives are all registered as safe to use by both the EPA and FDA.


Scorpion BioSting is about mitigation.   Any reduction in risk is advantageous.  The Epoxy and home improvement market is over $800 million dollars annually.  The post COVID-19 World will be about risk mitigation and BioSting is there to provide solutions.   There is a shortage of installers in most communities for both residential and commercial business installations

Technical Data

The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of Scorpion BioSting makes the coating appealing to both cleanliness-conscious consumers and business buyers.

The most popular applications for Scorpion BioSting are countertops, floors and exterior protective coatings for metal and wood. BioSting also can be used as a topcoat to make an existing surface better than ever.

Schools, churches, hospitals, homes and restaurants are just a few of the places where this cutting edge coating can be found. The material comes in white, grey, black and clear and can be custom colored or used with additives to create the perfect, and safe, option you have been looking for.”

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