Scorpion Accelerator is an additive that speeds up the curing time of XO2.

Curing accelerator is a liquid additive that when added to the XO2 mixture, speeds up the chemical
crossover between the A and the B components. Simply, Accelerator speeds up the curing process. Exactly how much curing accelerator speeds up the process is dependent on several factors including temperature and the amount mixed. Contact Technical Support prior to using accelerator to ensure proper use.


This additive was designed initially for cold weather applications. Why cold weather? Scorpion XO2 needs heat to finish the curing process. The warmer the temperature the quicker the cure time. The colder the weather, the longer it takes XO2 to harden and cure. Adding the Accelerator cure agent to a mixture helps in cold weather applications speed up the process in the absence of heat.

Using Accelerator speeds up cure time but also decreases pot life. The pot life of the cure agent could be reduced to as much as half depending on weather and mixture conditions. Consult Technical Support Prior to use.

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