Why Should I apply Ceramic Coatings to my Wheels?

1) Wheels are vulnerable to damage and disfigurement when left unprotected. 
– As you know, your wheels sit lower to the ground than any other part of your vehicle, which makes them more susceptible to damage from road debris. When your brakes are applied against your rotors, they let off brake dust which builds up on your rims and damages them unless there is a barrier to prevent this buildup.

2) Wheels are challenging to clean. 
-When brake dust bonds to wheels, it is not easy to remove. Vehicle washing techniques do not work on wheels. Cleaning rims alone can be hard because of the many designs that they have which make it difficult for hard to reach places. Having ceramic coating on your rims prevents dust buildup and other harmful substances from setting up on your rims and allows everything to easily be removed with a microfiber towel and some maintenance spray.
3) Wheels are a significant part of your vehicle’s style. 
-You’ve spent a lot of money getting your ride to look awesome and stand out from the crowd, and the last thing you want to do is attract attention from dirty, damaged rims. Your rims play an important part in the appearance of your ride that you are so proud of. Ceramic Coating on your wheels builds a wall around your rims which allow them to look fresh and stand out for long periods of time with easy maintenance!
Scorpion Protective Coatings can help you take care of your wheels and your customer wheels.  CMX ION is available from Scorpion and can be purchased at (800) 483-9087 or online by clicking here.