Headlight Repair Kit


The Scorpion Headlight Repair Kit brings hazy, worn-out looking headlights back to showroom condition in just 4 easy steps.

Headlights are one of those things that can be frustrating to vehicle owners. We have all been there. You buy a brand new car and really take care of it only for the headlights to look hazy and dull after a couple years. The worst is when you buy a “snake-oil” headlight kit that promises brand new looking headlights only to find out is doesn’t work. Now you spent hard earned dollars to still have dull headlights.
Not with Scorpion Headlight Repair Kit. The difference is the process. The only real way to get that new look is to sand down the headlight. The plastic used in headlights gets damaged from the sun plus from dirt and debris hitting the surface at high rates of speed. The key is to remove that damaged layer then protect that with Scorpion’s UV Protectant Spray. This protectant will bring out the shine to a dull, hazy headlight and will protect it down the road so your headlights stays looking new longer.

– Do-It-Yourself
– Only Takes 15 Minutes or Less
– Everything You Need in One Box
– Applied in 4 Easy Steps


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