Residential Coatings for Contractors

Every contractor will tell you that you need the right tool for the job. When it comes to protection, the same is true for coatings. Scorpion can provide you with the right coating for your residential applications that your customers will love.

Scorpion Benefits

Learn more about each of Scorpion’s unique features.

Scorpion is Easy to Use

Scorpion can be sprayed, rolled, or bushed onto virtually any surface including wood, metals, fiberglass, and concrete. Wood is the easiest application as it requires no additional prep. Take a deck for example. Make sure it’s clean, mix up your material, and apply.

Scorpion applied to a deck or any surface is easy and will last a for a long, long time.

Scorpion is Applied Using Low Cost Equipment

Scorpion products are applied with simple and easy to use equipment that any size contractor can afford. Our products can be applied with a simple pneumatic gravity-fed hopper gun, an electric gun, a paint roller, or a brush. Simply mix your material, add it to your gun or paint tray and watch your backyard project get a coat of serious protection. Easy cleanup is another feature of the Scorpion Coating System. Everything cleans up without the use of harsh chemicals.

Scorpion Can be Applied in Any Color

Does your customer want their deck to match their siding or another home feature? The Scorpion Coating System can do that. Simply add the appropriate amount of color as you mix and watch your project come to life.

Scorpion Warranty

Scorpion products come with a residential warranty for 10 years. We are so confident in our products and residential coatings that we know they will last at least a decade. That being said we have been supplying Scorpion products since 1996 and we have customers that call us everyday thanking us for a home coating that has lasted almost 20 years. Your customers will appreciate not having to have their deck or other project painted year after year.

Scorpion Formulations and Variations

Scorpion is offered in a few formulations with a multitude of variations to achieve specific results. We offer Scorpion XO2 and WB250. Scorpion XO2 is the same product that is sprayed on thousands of truck beds and commercial projects in the US and in over 20 countries. It is a high-build polyurethane protective coating that not only looks great but can take the abuse without issue. Scorpion WB250 is a waterborne urethane that is applied as a thin mil protective layer that is 10 times more durable than paint that can be colored or applied clear.

Both products provide protection from abuse and will keep your customer’s deck or other project looking great for years and years. Contact us today to learn about the differences between XO2 and WB250 to find the best home coating for your application.

Scorpion is Non-Skid

Ever hear of customers complain about slipping around on their deck or patio? With Scorpion you reduce the risk of slipping due to an increase in slip resistance. Our residential coatings can be applied with various texture options to help further the slip resistance. It is a perfect option for stairs, ramps, and other areas where there will foot traffic. Provide a safe walking surface for your customers.