Scorpion Applicator Marketing Programs

As a new Scorpion Coatings applicator, you may want to promote your business.  After all, having a great business is just half of the equation.  Getting people to your great business is the other half.

We have designed 3 options of business marketing packages to help you promote your business.  Our spray in truck bed liner and commercial coating packages are priced to get you going.  How you want to promote it is up to you.  We think you can spend your money better than we can.  That is why we do not force our customers to buy into something they don’t want or can’t use.  You get to decide – and how much or how long.

What is my return on investment?

Well that is up to you.  When talking with our current customers over the last several years, we have found that the best businesses simply do promote more. Take advantage of Scorpion’s business marketing packages today!

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