Color Match Spray in Bed Liner

As the proud owner of a new truck, you want to protect the integrity and resell value of your recent purchase. This is why many owners invest in a protective liner for the bed of their truck. Yet often these liners are only available in a non-descript black color that can often clash with the many variations of colors available on the market today. But this does not need to be the case anymore, Scorpion Coatings has long been known for its ability to customize spray in bed liner to any color Scorpion’s formula will allow you to have a color matched bed liner that will not only protect the bed of your truck, but will look great too.

Their color matched bed liner is manufactured out of the highest quality polyurethanes that will help protect the bed of your truck from normal wear and tear as well as keeping your truck bed looking new for years to come. This state of the art spray on coating is virtually impenetrable to moisture there by eliminating rust that often scars and weakens the bed.

Drop in bed liners do not accomplish this water proofing because water can seep in around the edges as well as penetrate through even the smallest of holes that may have developed in the system. After the integrity of the liner has failed, it is virtually useless as a bed protectant. They are also bulky and are often only available in a neutral black color. This is where having a color matched bed liner not only protects your vehicle, it looks great too.

The color matched bed liner from Scorpion Coatings is extremely tough and durable, manufactured to be nonskid, and has a lifetime warranty. They can customize the color to match any truck’s unique paint code and comes with custom texture options, from smooth to an extremely aggressive grit that prevents slippage, there are many variations available from which to choose.

So as the owner of a new truck, you want to protect your investment. But this does not mean you need to accept any color or texture on the market today. By having the bed of your truck protected with a color matched bed liner from Scorpion Coatings you will not only protect your investment, you will make its outward appearance look great. So, protect your truck with a color matched bed liner and eliminate the chances of water and rust damage.