Scorpion Spray Systems

Scorpion is the only protective coatings company to offer all 3 types of spray coating and bed liner systems in the world.  Why do we offer all types of spray systems?  Because every business and applicator is unique.  Each of our spray coating systems has a unique benefit that works for some better than others.  We don’t believe in limiting customers but providing the right opportunity for each situation.

No matter which spray system you choose, each one is extremely easy to use, durable, and sprays the best protective coatings and bed liners in the world.

Batch Mix Coating Systems (Low Pressure System)

Batch mix systems are one of the simplest and most cost effective coating systems available.  We helped pioneer the batch mix process over 20 years ago.  Our low pressure batch mix system uses a product called XO2.  XO2 is a 3 component polyurethane hybrid coating that utilizes the best features of aliphatic, aromatic, and acrylic components.  This means that XO2 spray on truck bed liner is strong, durable, and is UV stable (meaning the color won’t fade quickly).  The components are added together and sprayed through a gravity fed, pneumatic hopper style gun.  The only other thing an applicator needs is an air compressor, which most shops already have.  Our most popular gun is less than $60.

High Pressure Systems

Scorpion high pressure spray coating systems are highly desirable in higher volume or faster drying situations.  They are called high pressure systems because they use high pressure plural component proportioning spray systems.  Many people refer to these spray on truck bed liner systems as high pressure pumps.  Our HP spray system uses a 2 component aromatic or aliphatic coating material.  Nearly all applications are completed with aromatic material.  Even though the pump systems cost significantly more than using XO2, the benefit for this type of system is fast application, no mixing, extremely fast drying, and lower material costs.  Payback on these types of spray coating systems can be quick if the volume is moderate to high.  Many larger shops, car dealerships, and commercial applicators have these types of volumes and reap the benefits of the Scorpion HP System.

Cartridge Systems

Cartridge systems use Scorpion HP material that has been inserted into cartridges for a special pneumatic cartridge gun.  They use a replaceable spray tips that must be replaced after each use.  Cartridge guns are handy for applicators who like faster dry times but do not want to incur the higher cost of a pump system.  They are definitely more portable than a high pressure pump system.  Some customers are familiar with cartridge systems and want to stay with this system rather than move to XO2 or HP High Pressure.  We created our cartridge program just for them.  Again, we don’t want to limit opportunities.