Polyaspartics Instructions

Installation Instructions for Polyaspartics

Tools/Equipment Needed

  • Brushes for cutting in edges
  • 5 mil or 10 mil 18” roller sleeves plus cage with pole attachment
  • Drill with mixing paddle
  • Mixing pails
  • Small pail for use with brush to do edges
  • Shop vac
  • Broom
  • Gloves for mixing and coating
  • Spiked shoes
  • Garbage bags
  • Small tarp for mixing station
  • Paint sticks

Installation Steps

Prepare surface for proper bonding by diamond grinding, shot blasting or acid etching

Vacuum floor to ensure all dust or excess chips are removed (this is critical for adhesion of the

coating to the concrete).

Prepare all tools necessary for coating (drill, pails, brush, rollers, tray, gloves, etc).

Mix equal amounts of parts A and B in a clean mixing pail and drill mix for about 30 seconds.

Mix only as much as you will use in 20 minutes.

Only mix enough product to do the cutting in. Immediately begin brushing edges around the

perimeter and around poles or equipment with a brush. Then mix up enough product that you

will be comfortable with to do the main floor. Pour all mixed product on the floor in ribbons and

use squeegee to spread the product leaving only enough to cover the floor or decorative chips.

Push or pull the flat squeegee at an even speed with a downward pressure. The first coat should

be approximately 10-12 mils (133-160 square feet per gallon). Back rolling with an 18” roller is

necessary even if coat is applied thin and even as it will ensure that you are not leaving puddles

or high spots anywhere. Never mix more product than you can apply in a 15-20 minute period. If

you need to apply a second coat you must wait at least 3 hours or until the floor is tack free up

until 12 hours. If you pass 24 hours you need to aggressively abrade the surface before applying

second coat.

Remember you must maintain a wet edge at all times – do not let an area start to dry

otherwise you will end up with lines where the wet and the dry product meets.

***Remember to always check to see what the mix ratio is before mixing.