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The bed of your truck is where all the action happens– whether you’re hauling, working, or even just hanging out in the sun, your truck bed is where you keep all of your tools of the trade out on the road. It only makes good sense to protect your truck bed with a quality truck bed liner.

Your truck cost you thousands of dollars, and it’s made for heavy-duty use. Why would it need a truck bed liner? Isn’t the truck bed already strong and durable? You might be surprised at just how susceptible your truck bed is to wear and tear without some sort of protective lining. Let’s cover everything you need to know about truck bed liners for your personal or commercial truck.

What are Truck Bed Liners For?

As you can imagine, a truck bed liner is meant to protect your truck bed from scratches, dents, dings, and surface wear as a result of heavy-duty equipment being hauled in the bed. A good truck bed liner can take the abuse of your gear sliding and smashing around as you drive down the highway so your truck itself doesn’t have to.

If your truck bed liner becomes worn out over time, it’s far more economical to replace your bed liner than it is to get expensive repairs performed on your truck bed itself. And, if you’re able and willing to pay for a high-quality truck bed liner, you’ll protect the bed of your truck for years to come without having to replace anything at all. Truck bed liners are essential to the longevity of your pickup truck bed.

Should I Get a Bed Liner?

Why wouldn’t you?

Seriously, your truck is an expensive piece of heavy machinery, and the point of the truck is that it has a spacious bed you can use to haul enormous loads of stuff at once. If you don’t have truck bed protection, and your bed starts to wear out, what good is your pickup truck at all?

Yes, anyone who owns a pickup truck should have a high-quality bedliner installed. Bed protection is affordable and available in a few different types to meet the different needs pickup truck owners have for hauling cargo.



Like any automotive product, there are a few different types of truck bed liners available to choose from to protect the bed of your pickup truck. Depending on the kind of cargo you haul and how often you drive your pickup, the heavier-duty truck bed liners may not be necessary for you.

However, cheaper low-end bed liners definitely come with some drawbacks, so you’ll want to consider all the different things you use your truck bed for before deciding on your liners. These are the five most common types of bed liners and what they’re most often used for.


Low-Pressure Spray-On Bed Liner

Low-pressure spray liners work similarly to high-pressure, but as you can gather from the name, they’re applied using a lower temperature and pressure spraying tool. This is sometimes a better solution for trucks with pre-existing damage to the bed, or for older & classic pickups that may suffer damage from the high-pressure spraying equipment itself.

High-Pressure Spray-On Bed Liner

A high-pressure spray bedliner is a chemical spray made from polyurethane materials that’s applied to the bed of the truck using a high temperature, high-pressure sprayer tool. This creates an ultra-tough seal around the bed that cures quickly as it cools and forms a thick barrier preventing scratches, dents, and tears.

DIY Spray-in Truck Bed Liner

Since 1996, Scorpion has worked hard to establish our now well-known track record as the premiere supplier of easy to use, high-abuse Scorpion truck bed liners and protective coatings. In the past few years, an overwhelming number of satisfied customers have told us, “I love the liner material in my truck.

Custom Colors Truck Bed Liners

A key feature of Scorpion XO2 is its ability to colorize the truck bed liner or protective coating. Scorpion offers several options for bed liner colors. The uniquely formulated colors of our protective coatings were designed specifically for Scorpion XO2. Made with superior polyurethanes, our truck bed coating colors offer a higher density of toner, which reduces the amount needed in a batch mix.

Which Liner is Best for My Truck Bed?

Ultimately, high-pressure spray liners are the bedliner products that offer the most protection for your bed. However, if you don’t haul much cargo, or if the cargo you do haul is pretty light, then it may n to be worth the price of a professional spray lining to protect your truck bed. In some cases, a good bed mat is enough to keep your bed in tip-top shape. If you’re looking for a little bit more protection, custom-fitted drop-in liners are a good alternative, too, but if you need that much more protection, you might as well shell out the extra cost to install a high-quality spray lining.

Pros & Cons of Mats and Drop-In Linings

Mats & drop-ins are great low-budget options and you can find them both at most automotive retailers. As a result, they’re popular choices for light-use pickup truck owners who don’t need the extra-heavy protection of a spray-on lining. They’re easy to install, and they look decent enough, but they don’t last nearly as long as spray-on linings and they show damage much more easily.

It comes down to how much protection and how much you’re willing to spend on your pickup bed lining. Spray-on linings can protect your tailgate– mats and drop-ins typically don’t. Spray-ons cling to your bed so dirt and debris can’t get under them. Mats and drop-ins let the dirt in. If you’re willing to tolerate the extra maintenance needs that come with drop-ins and bed mats, the choice is up to you. At the end of the day, spray-on linings offer far better protection for the higher price.

Scorpion XO-2 Truck Spray-On Liners

Our bedliner for trucks is made from top-quality polyurethanes that maintain the new look of your truck’s bed for years to come. Our spray-on lining protects your bed from dirt and debris better than any drop-in lining on the market.

Scorpion XO-2 Truck Spray-On Liners

Available in black, white, and 12 other color options, you can apply a Scorpion XO-2 spray-on liner for your truck to match any style, and custom coloring is available!


The Scorpion XO-2 spray-on liner comes with a limited lifetime warranty against fading, cracking, peeling, and normal wear & tear. Contact our customer service team for any questions or concerns the installation of your new truck bed liner.

Become a Scorpion XO-2 Installer

Looking to start or expand your own business? Scorpion is a national leader in truck bed lining in the United States. There are thousands of trucks on the road with owners looking to protect them for the long haul. Contact us today to learn how you can get started installing Scorpion XO-2 truck bed linings for as low as $249!

Do You Need A Truck Bed Liner Installed?

Scorpion is the leader in Truck Bed Liners in the US and many countries around the world. Our professional installers are ready right now to protect and add style to your truck, trailer, boat, or other application. All Scorpion installations are backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

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  • Extremely Tough and Durable – Lasts the life of your truck
  • Non-Skid – Stays in place
  • UV Color Stability – Unlike other bedliners for trucks, your not fade!
  • Custom Color – We understand no all truck beds should will look the same!
  • Custom Texture Options (Glass-smooth or extremely aggressive. It’s up to you!)
  • Anti-Static – Static decay is less than 1 second
  • Lifetime Warranty – A bedliner for trucks that comes with a peace of mind
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