Scorpion XO2 Coatings Kits

When you get started spraying XO2 as a Scorpion Applicator, generally you purchase a “Start-Up Package”. After that you order what you need in bed liner kits. These XO2 kits range in size and are tailored for any size volume customer. We have kits from 2 gallons all the way up to 900 gallons and kits that are in-between. Learn more about the Scorpion bed liner kits below

2 Gallon Kit Series

The Scorpion 2 Gallon Kit is the newest edition in Scorpion’s XO2 kit lineup. This is a great value to applicators due to cost, size and ease of use.

The two-gallon kit was created to give applicators more options. One of the great features of the 2G kit is that is is sized for an application, such as a bed liner. You don’t have to order a larger spray on bedliner kit if you just have one job or don’t want to stock extra XO2 on the shelf.

This give the applicator the ability to buy the right size kit for the right size job. Plus these are pre-measured so all you need to do is combine, mix, and spray. Very simple. This spray truck bed liner kit contains: A, B, C, Black Tint, 8001 Adhesion Promoter, 1 Pump Sprayer (for the 8001). These truck bed coating kits are available in pack sizes including: 2, 6, 12, 24, and 36 gallon pack.

Applicators Wanting Easier Application
Single Truck Bed Applications
Small to Medium Size Applications
Available in Pack Sizes

What are Pack Sizes with 2 Gallon Kits?

Packs are simply sets of 2 gallon kits. Packs can be in multiples of 3 – 2 Gallon Kits. For example the 6 Pack is
6 gallons of XO2 or 3 – 2 gallon kits. A 36 Pack is 36 gallons of XO2 or 18 – 2 Gallon Kits.

45 Gallon Kit

The 45 Gallon Kit is designed for larger volume applicators. This bed liner kit contains enough XO2 Material to cover 900 square feet or ~16 truck bed applications.

If you are considering this kit, you probably are looking at a higher volume of applications. These truck bed coating kits will reduce costs for both material and shipping costs. Possible users are higher volume accessory or body shoots, car dealerships, or OEM/Commercial/Industrial applicators.

By ordering 45 gallon kits, XO2 square footage costs go down around 6% lower than a 9 gallon kit. This is a substantial savings over a period of time. The 45 gallon kit contains A, B, C.

Applicators Looking to Cut Costs Further
Large Volume Customers
Applicators Wanting to Reduce Order Frequency

The 45 gallon kit does not include 8001 or tint. As a general rule, order 5 quarts of tint per 45 gallon kit. You
can also use custom automotive pigment from you local paint supplier.

Large Volume Kits

These are BIG kits for BIG projects. These are the largest volume kits Scorpion offers and come in 99, 450, and 900 gallon quantities.

The large volume kits are for companies who need industrial strength protection for very large scale projects. These kits accommodate even the largest customer’s needs very well.


Gallon Kit
(2000 SQ FT)


Gallon Kit
(9000 SQ FT)


Gallon Kit
(18000 SQ FT)
The large volume kits do not include 8001 or tint.

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