The best way to maintain your Ceramic Coating and allow it to last for 2-5+ years is to apply Scorpion Ceramix
RENU every 3-6 months (Industry Standard). This 3-in-1 maintenance spray rejuvenates your ceramic coating
and allows it to last longer. Ceramix RENU maintenance depends on driving habits of the vehicle. We
recommend every 3 months for a daily or high mileage driver. If it is not a daily or high mileage driver, we
recommend using it every 6 months.


Ceramix RENU Application

Easy to Use: Simply spray it on, rub it in, and wipe it off using a microfiber towel.


Car washing:

Washing your car bi-weekly is best as it prevents long term build up from contaminants that come into contact with your vehicle. Do not take the vehicle through a bristle brush car wash as it can damage the ceramic coating. Touchless car washes are an option, but NEVER have Spray Wax applied on top of your ceramic coating. We recommend washing by hand using automotive based soaps or using a touchless car wash. After washing the vehicle, it is best to dry it off with a towel. Minerals in tap water can create water spots if the vehicle is left to air dry.



Do not wax your car as doing so could impair the performance of the ceramic coating.


If sand or mud is attached to the body, remove by washing using high-pressure washer or hose.


If bird droppings or sap is attached, remove it as soon as possible.


Do not let the tap water on the body dry-itself because the minerals in tap water can leave water spots


If Possible, Do not let water touch the coating for 24 hours after application.
Many customers think that once this coating is applied, it will automatically last long term, and that is simply not the case, as no ceramic coating on the market is bulletproof. Maintenance is key for ceramic coating longevity.

Following these simple tips will ensure that your coating lasts long term!

Customer must bring vehicle back for Annual Inspections by the installer to inspect the vehicle, and apply a
quick detail themselves. Customer must also purchase a bottle of Ceramix RENU for basic maintenance
throughout the year. If a customer does not have an inspection within a 15-month period, all 5-year and
lifetime warranties become void!

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