Colors / Tints

You already know that our protective coatings prevent rust. But did you know that these spray in bedliners also “rev up” the style factor of your vehicle?

A key feature of Scorpion XO2 is its ability to colorize the truck bed liner or protective coating. Scorpion offers several  options for bed liner colors. The uniquely formulated colors of our protective coatings were designed specifically for Scorpion XO2. Made with superior polyurethanes, our truck bed coating colors offer a higher density of toner, which reduces the amount needed in a batch mix. This saves the applicator money by reducing the need to add as much bed liner color to the batch.

Light Grey
HD Orange
Desert Sand

Note: White, another excellent option, has special requirements. Please contact technical support for more information about white applications.

What about custom colors for my truck bed liner?

Absolutely! Bust the rust and make the tone your own! Another great feature of Scorpion XO2 is that you can use any automotive-based pigment for custom colors. If you want to color-match to a specific vehicle, simply get the paint code from the vehicle and visit your local paint supplier. When attempting a color match, be aware that due to the nature of the material, the finished color will vary slightly.

Important: All custom tints of spray in bed liner colors need to be pure pigment only. No binders, hardeners, or additives of any kind—just pure pigment.

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