Live Training

Scorpion offers live training sessions both at our location or yours!

Sometimes applicators want to see a truck bed liner or commercial project sprayed live. Nothing beats a live demonstration and training session. That is why we do them. We know in order for you to be successful, you need to be properly trained to handle any situation that arrises. We offer training sessions FREE to anyone here at our corporate location in Indiana. Simply bring something to spray (a truck for example). In a few hours we will have you spraying like a pro. Lunch is on us too. To schedule a live coating application training in Indiana, simply click the corresponding button below.

Not everyone can travel to our main offices here in Indiana. So we bring the training for truck bed liner coating to you. There is a small charge to cover travel expenses, but we will go pretty much anywhere (within reason….sorry Antarctica) to get you trained. Just click the corresponding button below to schedule a on-site training. This training is included in some of the larger packages.

NOTE: If we are too far from you and you don’t want to pay to have us visit, we have hundreds and hundreds of applicators that have trained by simply watching the Training Video Series and viewing the Interactive Training Module. We are also here Monday thru Friday to answer all of your questions regarding coating application and training for truck bed liner coating.