The bed of a pickup truck is probably one of the most abused parts of a truck. After all, it is designed to haul just about anything. There are a few options out there to protect the bed, but a spray in liner will serve you better over time and ensure the bed of the truck stays in-tact over the life of the truck.

One of the best options to protecting the bed of a truck is a spray in bed-liner. These actually adhere to the bed and create a protective layer that bonds with the paint and metal. While these are considered permanent, they do no damage to the truck and offer a great deal of protection.  When having a spray in truck bed liner add to your pickup, understand that the applicator will need the truck for a few hours.


  • Planning
  • Protection

  • Preparation

Steps to ensure the long-term success of the truck bed spray liner need to be followed.  You should understand this going in.  Do not be surprised when an applicator tells you they need you truck for a few hours.  This is a small price to pay to have the long-term protection provided by a durable truck bed liner.

While the applicator has your truck, they will protect the entire exterior to prevent over-spray.  They will also scratch or sand the bed of the truck.  This will allow the spray in bed liner material to have adhesion to the surface.  Once the all prep work is complete, the magic happens!

The End Product!

Your new spray in truck bed liner is now in place.  Depending on what type of truck bed liner was installed, it may be ready to use and abuse immediately or you may need to wait for 48 hours (either way, your applicator will leave with proper care and instructions).   Bed liner applicators have different methods and delivery systems to choose from.  Depending on which system works best in their shop, the dry times can vary.  Scorpion Protective Coatings has a network of Authorized Dealers across the US.  Our Dealers can supply you with a free quote and inform you of the other benefits of using a system like Scorpion.