Christmas is almost here, and you are probably thinking of getting your friends or a significant other something of value and worth investing in. A truck bed liner would be the most absolute and most perfect gift to get. This is because the back of a truck is the most abused and least catered for when servicing or upgrading a vehicle.

A truck bed liner creates a protective layer once installed. If your friend owns a truck, it’s natural that you might want to figure out the right brand to pick and the benefits they provide to be sure you are making the right decision.

Different Types

The spray truck bed liner may be the most popular choice, but it is necessary to explore other options the market has. Drop-in liners and spray-on liners are more common, but there are also aftermarket liners such as rubber and carpets.

Spray-on Truck Bed Liner

This is a liner made from a substance that is sprayed directly onto the bed of a truck using an applicator. It gives rise to an airtight seal that prevents sand, water, dirt, among other foreign substances from penetrating the bed. These are good at preventing corrosion, rusting, abrasion, and any form of damage.

Drop-In Truck Bed Liner

This is a truck bed liner known to be cheaper than the spray-on truck bed liner. They are made from a plastic sheet and are placed or dropped on the surface of the bed and bolted into place. They are not the best because they allow the penetration of foreign bodies through the gaps. The bolts also tend to get loose with time leading to the rattling and shifting of the truck bed liner.

What Might Make the Perfect Gift?

The spray-on bed liner is the best gift you will find. This is because it is versatile in terms of sizes. The applicator sprays across all edges of the truck meaning the entire surface gets the needed protection.

Also, these ones, unlike the drop-in truck bed liner, do not dislodge since they adhere to the actual metal creating a water-tight seal.