To Spray or Not to Spray

This seems like a simple question to me!  I think it is worth pointing out that I felt this way long before I came to work at Scorpion. I felt this way long before coming here to earn a living because the simple answer is that bed liner works and is in the best interest of the truck for long term upkeep.


Now that you know that I am writing this blog post without bias, I will talk in depth about some of the reasons and benefits to have a truck bed liner installed by one of Scorpion Protective Coatings applicators.  In case you want to find a truck bed liner installer near you, CLICK HERE! Scorpion has a professional network of truck bed liner installers across the United States that are ready to take care of your liner needs.  Custom colors, color match, non-slip additives, metal flake accessory colors, and just about any other way you could customize a truck bed liner.  Scorpion Truck Bed are the most versatile liners on the market and we pride ourselves in offer a cost effective liner system that offer top of the line durability while being extremely versatile. 

  • Truck bed damage is inevitable. Whether your bed is made out of rolled steel, aluminum or composite, without proper protection there will be damage. A paint job is not enough to protect from the regular wear and tear of loading and unloading.
  • When your truck bed gets nicks and scratches it exposes the metal under your paint to moisture and UV light which leads to corrosion. 
  • Road conditions like gravel, salt, and general exposure to the elements will also speed along the rusting process by filling an unprotected truck bed with even more nicks and scratches.
  • Transporting cargo on an unlined truck bed can also lead to damage. Without the additional grip that a lining provides, there’s a greater risk that your cargo will damage your truck bed and also be damaged in turn. 
  • Lining your truck bed will greatly reduce the risk of corrosion and damage. It will also help keep your truck bed in great condition and boost your vehicle’s resale value.

Now that you know some of the benefits, as would ask you,  why not spray?  I think the reasons are pretty self explanatory and your truck would benefit in both the short term and long term.