Scorpion has several products designed for and and every application from truck bed liners to industrial equipment to commercial fishing fleets. Learn more about each category below.

XO2 Products (Batch Mix System)

  • Scorpion XO2 (Base Formulation)
  • Additives and Accessories

XO2 Material Kits

  • XO2 2 Gallon Kit
  • XO2 9 Gallon Kit
  • XO2 45 Gallon Kit
  • Large Quantity Kits (99, 450, 900 Gallon Kits)

High Pressure Systems

  • Scorpion Aromatic
  • Scorpion Aliphatic
  • High Pressure Equipment

Scorpion Cartridge Systems

  • Scorpion Aromatic
  • Scorpion Aliphatic
  • Cartridge Equipment

Tool and Equipment

  • XO2 Spray Guns & Spray Accessories
  • Prep Tools
  • Miscellaneous Tools & Equipment

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