Polyaspartic Biocidal Coating


While COVID-19 will inevitably be defeated by the efforts of people all around the world, the pandemic has changed many things. In some cases, things will revert back to the way they were before, but other changes will stick around and become the new norm. Out of the changes that are likely to remain, many of them revolve around cleanliness. Antimicrobial products will come to play a much more central role in society. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of antimicrobial coating and highly effective solutions like Scorpion BioSting.  


The Antimicrobial Revolution

Before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the antimicrobial coating might not have been the most popular thing, today it’s all the rage and for good reason. If anything the pandemic has taught us more about the profound importance of both cleanliness and

antimicrobial protective coatings.


Homes and businesses can effectively safeguard themselves from the perils of pathogens by prioritizing anti-microbial coatings and using them wherever appropriate. There is a whole arsenal of anti-microbial and antibacterial products that you can use in the war on germs, from anti-microbial paint to anti-microbial copper fixtures, hardware, and decor

You should try to prioritize your most frequently touched surfaces, especially anywhere that food is prepared. Anti-microbial coating should be used on countertops in both homes and businesses as public buildings. Schools, hospitals, hotels, and post offices can all benefit greatly from the use of antimicrobial protective coatings.  


The way we live is changing, and the more proactive homeowners and businesses are in the war on germs, the better it will be for all of us. It will take the efforts of many people, but together, we can make a difference. 

Where to Use Antimicrobial Coating like Scorpion Bio Sting

Businesses, homes, and public buildings can and should all be benefitting using antimicrobial coatings for protection. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, some places, like hospitals were already strongly committed to keeping their facilities clean, but times are changing. Considering the widespread personal and economic devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, 


Children are at risk not only of contracting COVID-19 but also many different ailments from harmful germs and microbes present on the surfaces they commonly touch in school. School desks and cafeteria tables are hotbeds of dangerous germs that could transmit pathogens to children. 

In schools today, desks, tables, and countertops should all be protected with anti-bacterial coatings like Scorpion BioSting.  

Clinics, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes

Clinics and hospitals and nursing homes are all prime candidates for anti-bacterial and anti-microbial coatings like Scorpion BioSting. These places serve groups that are at the highest risk of getting sick from coming into contact with germs and hostile microbes. The sick and elderly are high-risk groups and the risk is even higher in places where these groups are concentrated such as clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. Children are also more susceptible to getting sick or seriously ill from germs. 


Protective antimicrobial coatings for hospitals like Scorpion BioSting are powerful and effective solutions against harmful germs, microbial growths, and pathogens. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a shadow of fear over millions of homes across the globe. People are afraid of what they’re bringing into their homes every time they go to the store. Everyone is afraid of touching anything for fear that it may infect them with the dreaded virus or some other malicious ailment. 

When you coat your countertops, tables, and other surfaces with protective anti-bacterial coating, you can enjoy peace of mind. Progressive high-quality anti-microbial coating products like Scorpion BioSting eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, and microbial growths. By using Scorpion Biosting in your home, you will be effectively protecting yourself from the majority of ailments caused by dangerous and hostile microbes. 


Businesses have a responsibility to keep their buildings as clean as possible. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to keep their facilities clean is to apply anti-microbial coating over their floors, and countertops.


Businesses of all kinds should be implementing powerful tools like Scorpion BioSting in the war against germs. 


Everywhere from grocery stores, appliance stores, law offices, and banks can benefit from protecting their counters and desks with an anti-bacterial coating. 


Other businesses such as hairdressers, tattoo parlors, and furniture stores should all be taking advantage of effective antimicrobial coatings like Scorpion BioSting. Once businesses are allowed to reopen their number one focus aside from sales should be on keeping their storefronts and facilities clean. One case of COVID-19 that’s traced to being contracted at a storefront can be ruinous to the store’s reputation as no one will feel safe shopping there even after it’s been reopened again. 


Using Scorpion BioSting to coat your counter, floors, and other surfaces helps protect your business and your customers from dangerous germs.     

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars have sustained some of the heaviest losses from the global COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of restaurants and bars have been closed down because of regulatory changes brought on by the pandemic. 


Many of these places will struggle to get back on their feet once they’re allowed to open again. If they are found to generate COVID-19 cases, they will just be shut down again and may not be able to afford to reopen.  


Hotels also got hit hard by the pandemic. Although in many cases, hotels were considered to be essential businesses and allowed to stay open, they still suffered from significantly less business. Since the shutdown, the number of people traveling has dropped precipitously.  

After the shutdowns have been lifted, and travel resumes, cleanliness will make a huge difference in which hotels will succeed and which ones will fail. Hotels with a reputation for cleanliness will succeed and have an upper hand over rivals who don’t make a commitment to being clean. If one hotel is cleaner than the one down the street, most people are going to favor it if they can afford it.


While the savings associated with staying at a cheap hotel that’s less than pristine might have been less difficult to justify in the past, more people will find themselves willing to pay a premium for a clean environment. The pandemic has changed the way people think and has made a profound impact on their purchasing decisions. 

What to Know About BioSting Coating


Scorpion BioSting is a specially designed polyaspartic coating that protects you from a broad spectrum of disease-causing microbes.


Scorpion has been able to design a coating that is 99.99% effective in inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungi, and a variety of other microorganisms using multiple modes of action – keeping the microbes from adapting and developing resistance.


Scorpion BioSting was designed with you in mind, inhibiting a microbe’s metabolism and preventing reproduction. Deadly to them, but harmless to you.

BioSting’s cocktail of additives is all registered as safe to use by both the EPA and FDA.


Not only will this coating protect you, but it also protects itself. The coating is UV stable and will not yellow. It is stain-resistant and stands up to all but the very harshest of chemicals and the coating itself can take a massive amount of impact without even flinching.


The antibacterial and antifungal properties of Scorpion BioSting makes the coating appealing to both cleanliness-conscious consumers and business buyers.


The most popular applications for Scorpion BioSting are countertops, floors, and exterior protective coatings for metal and wood. BioSting also can be used as a top coat to make an existing surface better than ever.

Schools, churches, hospitals, homes, and restaurants are just a few of the places where this cutting edge coating can be found. The material comes in white, grey, black, and clear and can be custom colored or used with additives to create the perfect, and safe, the option you have been looking for.


In today’s germophobic world that’s been scarred by the global pandemic of COVID-19, cleanliness is more important than ever before. Public buildings of all sorts should be taking aggressive measures to keep their facilities as clean as possible. 


The pandemic causes thousands of businesses to be temporarily shut down and the threat of COVID-19 spiking again could keep them shut down even longer. Whether your business is still open or if you’re waiting for the shutdown to be lifted, you need to keep your building clean and take a hard stance against germs, pathogens, and harmful microbes.  


It has been proposed that we may face partial shutdowns in the future as some areas are found to have fewer cases of COVID-19. The cleaner businesses are, the less likely another shutdown will be. Businesses and homeowners alike can and should be doing their part to contribute to a future in which the shutdown ends faster. By using products like BioSting in your home, you are safeguarding yourself and helping build a cleaner brighter future. 

Why Choose BioSting Coating

With so many aniti-microbial and anti-bacterial products out there what makes Scorpion BioSting the best choice? Scorpion has a strong track record and a reputation for quality, dependability, and affordability. 

Do the smart thing, get in touch with Scorpion, and get the protection you need with BioSting!