Picking a SEMA Vehicle

time to reorderWhat vehicle to take?

Most car enthusiast, love the month leading up to the SEMA Show.  Car and truck builders hat the month leading up to the SEMA Show.  Enthusiast love it because they can’t wait to get to Las Vegas and see what these builders have created.  Builders hate it because they are trying to finish the SEMA projects while maintaining their normal business flow.  This typically means long night and early morning and LOTS OF STRESS!

I, on the other hand, get to sit back and watch the builders scramble to meet deadlines.   And maybe the best part of my job is to review all the badass vehicles that are submitted for consideration to be a booth vehicle or an outdoor feature vehicle for the greatest trade show in the World.  These builders are some of the most creative and visionary minds in this billion dollar industry.  From both the design and concept phase to the wrench in hand people that pull the vision together.  Some of these masters are both the visionary and the builder.  Others have the vision, but may not have the first clue how to shape a piece of sheet metal.  All of skill sets are perfect.  Just as long as they find the partners to bring together the perfect build in time for the SEMA Show.

As a booth worker at the show, it can be challenging for me or the rest of the Scorpion Team to find time to actually walk the show floor and take in the sights and amazing builds.  You to keep your eyes open as you head to your booth in the morning or head back to the monorail in the evening.  For some smaller teams, this may be the only opportunity to take in these sights.  This is another reason why looking at and reviewing the booth vehicle submissions are fun. These renderings allow you to see the creative of a designer and the work that goes into a projects to make it come to life.

Stay tuned to see our announcement of the 2021 Scorpion SEMA Show booth vehicle.