The Holiday Season is the perfect time to give your spouse a gift for their vehicle.  Scorpion offers many options for the vehicle that will protect, enhance, and leave its owner feeling good about their ride.  


Truck Bed Liners

For the truck lover, a Scorpion Truck Bed Liner is a great way to offer protection and to help keep it looking good for the long haul.  Scorpion offers numerous colors and texture options and can be color matched to the existing paint.  Our installers offer and limited lifetime warranty that covers fading, cracking, peeling, and normal wear and tear.  It has top notch durability and is the most color stable liner available on the market.  


Window Film 

Window Film is a great add-on to your loved one’s vehicle.  It serves multiple purposes and increases safety.  Window film is a treatment that adds UV protection and is extremely stylish addition.  


Window film is made in various shades and can be very dark (limo tint) to hardly even visible.  Just because it is lighter in shade, does not mean it is not effect.  Film is made with UV inhibiters that block the harmful UV rays.  

Other Products

Scorpion offers a wide range of other products for automobiles.  

  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Hydrophobic Coatings
  • Door Edge Guards
  • Paint Protection Film 
  • Wiper Blades
  • Vinyl Wraps
  • Printable Vinyl