Custom Truck Bed Liners

A black truck bed liner…. Like 99% of the truck bed liners out there, it is great!  Your truck bed liner may never be thought about again after you get it installed.  Many times, it is an after thought until there is a problem with it.  


For some, a black bed liner doesn’t add up!  They need a little more style.  A way to express their personality and passion for the truck. 

Scorpion To The Rescue!!   

Over the years, Scorpion’s XO2 has become known as the most versatile bed liner option available.  XO2 is highly customizable and offers many color options and can be color matched.  

Another unique feature of XO2 is the ability to add Metal Flake.  

Metal Flake is a unique feature that allows a top coat of colorless bed liner to be sprayed on top of a bed liner with a Metal Flake additive.  The colorless bed liner dries clear and shows the Metal Flake floating on top of the bed liner.  This is a very unique way to customize your bed liner.