Custom Truck Liners from Scorpion

A custom truck bed liner is designed to protect your truck from the damage that could arise during hauling. Note that whether it is heavy or light hauling, your truck bed risks being damaged unless you protect it with a reliable custom truck bed liner. Even when rocking full steel or an aluminum alloy, you still need to protect your truck’s bed, it will be essential in your curb appeal and the resale value.

Why You Need A Custom Truck Bed Liner

There are two reasons. One, you need to protect your truck against scratches and corrosion. Without the right protection, your truck is exposed to dents and dings. Even when you have a galvanized truck, once the top layer is scratched, corrosion is likely to occur. Given that the protective custom truck bed liner separates your gear from the metal truck bed, damage is prevented. Our protection also comes with the bulkhead and sidewalls for full protection. It means anything sliding towards the sides of your truck will not leave any damage.

The other reason is that a custom truck bed liner protects your truck from then element. It means a high-quality liner can handle rain or snow. We install the type of material you choose. Our liners are affordable and come with easy to install basics. However, some require special tools and training, meaning for some we have to do the installation.

Complete Liners

While the older spray-ins style looks attractive, we also have materials that have cool textures to prevent sliding.  We are aware of material that could damage your truck bed, so we advise you accordingly. Those that have floating vibration, for instance, could lead to scratches and scuffs on the truck bed.

We use custom truck bed liner materials we trust. While the main drive is to have protection, the look and feel of your custom truck bed liner is also very important. With us, you get all the best options that come to you with a sense of durability.

If you are a daily driver or simply have a work truck, you need to protect your truck’s bed. At Scorpion, we specialize in custom truck bed liners suitable for your vehicle. Your custom truck bed liner does not have to be similar to every other liner out there. Scorpion offers you unique colors, flatteners, and metal flake options.


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