XO2 Curing Accelerator

Scorpion Accelerator is an additive that speeds up the curing time of XO2.

Very simple right?

Scorpion’s XO2 is an amazing product that has unmatched versatility.  No other product on the market can match XO2 in style, versatility, and performance.


It is a batch mix process!  You mix what you need.  This gives you the ability to mix up specific colors, non-slip additives, and metal flake top coats.

All this and you get performance as well.  Durability, hardness, and strength are all on par with any of the high pressure competition.

With all this, you might wonder why you would need to accelerate the curing process.  Well, being a batch mix system, its typically tack free time is 45 minutes and you will want exercise limited duty for 48 hours.  So some view this as a downfall.

Curing accelerator is a liquid additive that when added to the XO2 mixture, speeds up the chemical crossover between the A and the B components. Simply, Accelerator speeds up the curing process. Exactly how much curing accelerator speeds up the process is dependent on several factors including temperature and the amount mixed. Contact Technical Support prior to using accelerator to ensure proper use.


When you can attack the drying time of XO2, you can nearly cut the dry time numbers in half.   This is significant for those that are in a manufacturing setting and need components on the assembly line.  Warm temperatures and sunshine will do a good job of pushing the cure process along.  But, what about the cold months of winter when the temperatures are low and the sun is scarce?  Accelerator!!


XO2 is cost effective to get started.  It only takes a few hundred dollars to jump into the market.  If dry time is that important to you and you want to go with the HP system, be prepared to pony up nearly 30K to get yourself started.

You are going to need a lot of truck bed liners to spray if you want to invest in a high pressure pump system.  HP systems are nice if yo have volume.  Dry time problems are gone because this HP material dries in just a few seconds.