XO2 applied to specialty metals:

Specialty metals can be a challenge to coat if the proper steps are not followed.  To ensure proper adhesion with Scorpion’s XO2, etching primers are vital to success.  When in doubt about protective coating for specialty metals, refer to the Scorpion Training Manual or call for Scorpion Technical Assistance at (800) 483-9087.

In general, specialty metals, such as aluminum, stainless, galvanized and galvaneel, will need an Etching Primer installed before the XO2 System can be applied to ensure good adhesion. Without using an etching primer or wash primer system, the XO2 protective coating will not get adequate adhesion to these specialty metals.

What is equally important is that you follow the Etch Primer manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning, prepping, applying and the topcoat window time frames.


Once the primer has been applied to the manufacturer’s guidelines, then you can apply the Scorpion XO2 System with the 8001 Adhesion Promoter.

Again, it will always be easier to discuss the protective coating application before than correcting the problem after a failure.


Scorpion Protective Coatings