From horsepower, towing and plowing ability, and the convenience and capacity of a truck’s bed, to its overall aesthetic appeal, there’s lots of reasons drivers prefer a truck as their primary vehicle of choice over any other. Whether you’re a truck owner yourself and/or you provide quality truck-related products and services for your customers, you understand the desire truck owners share in maintaining the value and integrity of their beloved vehicles. Of all the components, spaces, and features of a truck that will require your maintenance and attention over time, it’s your truck’s bed that requires proactive protection from the moment you first bring it home from the dealership! Here are 4 things to look for when choosing just the right bed liner coating for your vehicle:

Choose a truck bed lining that is state-of-the-art.

Years ago, the only options for truck lovers who wanted to protect their truck’s bed from all the outside elements was to get a cap for their truck. For those who also wanted to protect the bed from dings often caused by of every day wear-and-tear, rubber or plastic “drop in” liners were the choice. Today, you now have the option of using a state-of-the-art spray-on truck bed lining as a protective coating for your vehicle.

Choose a truck bed lining that offers lots of options.

You took the time to select just the right truck for yourself, so it just makes sense that you should also be able to choose just the right color for your truck bed liner coating as well!  Work with a manufacturer of quality truck bed lining that not only understands this, but also has the ability to provide you with exactly the custom color you seek. In addition to being able to choose what color you want to protect your truck’s bed, you should be able to have the option of textures as well.  Established providers of truck bed lining give you options for the type of texture you want and need for your truck’s bed, including the options of a glass-smooth lining or an extremely aggressive, more rugged lining.

Choose a truck bed lining from an established company.

Scorpion, an internationally-recognized leader in spray-on truck bed liners and protective coatings is a family-owned and operated business headquartered in Indiana.  While ensuring the provision of exceptional, world-class customer service for since 1996, Scorpion is a 21st century, high-tech operation with traditional, family-based values. Because of the quality of their bedliner for trucks and the exceptional way they run their business, they have professional regional and international distributors; in fact, they are in every state and in over 20 different countries.

Choose a truck bed lining that you can count on.

Scorpion’s spray-on bed linings and protective coatings are so tough and durable that they will last the life of your truck; in fact, they come with a lifetime warranty! Their non-skid ability affirms you never have to worry about your lining not staying in place.  With their UV Color-stability feature, the color of your Scorpion truck bed lining will never fade!

Searching for the best bed liner coating for your truck is easy to do if you know what to look for.  Choosing a manufacturer that:

  • is established,
  • offers a high-quality product,
  • guarantees its products,
  • gives you various options, and
  • is a leader in the industry

will ensure you have chosen the top of the line. Even if you have a cap on your truck’s bed, you’ll still want to provide proper protection for the bed from dampness, rust, and dents.  Scorpion spray-on truck bed linings and protective coverings offer all this and more!